Stockholm University | Stockholm, Sweden

Ph.D. Student, Department of Political Science | August 2023 -

Uppsala University | Uppsala, Sweden

MSc Political Science | June 2022

Sonoma State University | Rohnert Park, California

BA Political Science | June 2014


I have almost a decade of experience working in professional settings which have had a research-adjacent orientation, in the public, private, and academic sectors. These positions include working as an Associate Program Officer at International IDEA, where I worked with International IDEA’s measurement of democracy the Global State of Democracy Indices, an associate researcher on the Demscore project, specifically the Historical Data Archive (H-DATA) module, and working with the project “A complete dataset of roll-call votes in the Swedish parliament, 1925-1993” where was responsible for developing data pipelines to transform 40,000 PDF image pages of roll call votes into a dataset with over 4 million cases. I have also worked as a survey analyst, both full time, and as a consultant.

Research interests

My research interests lie in comparative politics, and questions to political behavior, specifically political social norms and misperceptions. For my MSc, I dipped my toes into social media research, before pivoting due to the increasing difficulty of API access.


Besides messing around with R, I am a big fan of enjoying all the outdoors activities that Sweden has to offer (mostly in three months where the weather is good). If you live in Sweden, and want to get out in nature more, I’d recommend the following websites:

  • (The Nature Map): This website has a ton of information about local nature reserves and public spaces.
  • An excellent resource for gravel cycling mostly in Svealand.
  • Helps you see how busy roads are. Useful for planning cycling trips in the countryside.

I also like movies. The best movie theater in Uppsala is Fyrisbiografen. I highly recommend the Uppsala Short Film Festival that takes place in the end of October. The great thing about short film festivals is that if one movie is bad you only have to suffer through it for a little bit.